Tesco marketing assignment

Tesco has become successful in penetrating within existing market with existing product and services and thus increased its market share in the UK as well as other countries.

For this purpose more profound analysis should be required. The objective session includes the marketing plan, vision, corporate objectives, marketing objectives and mission of the company.

It is also a process of providing the Information about the product and services to the potential customers.

Strategic Marketing

For every business organization, customers are the lifeblood which makes the survival and growth possible. Understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection. Tesco is presently working on product differentiation and cost leadership and thus earning high revenues in domestic along with international markets.

It is via this approach, that Tesco has attained a competitive advantage over rival firms and has also made it capable enough for satisfying the needs of buyers. Tesco has well targeted its customers by providing the upper market finest and the lower market value labels.

Effective use of technology in its every operation of supply chain management to delivery of goods to consumers has made the company to gain a competitive edge over others.

Tesco can use product development strategy in their target market in order to operate successful business internationally and attract their customers. Even though the company is well versed in its segments all over the world, the marketing plan of the company should be so competitive such that it can get the benefits of the opportunities of the market.

The company has made very strong position in the retail industry through its unique service concepts, introduction of premium quality products and maintaining a good corporate reputation Our strategy, It has been impacted by many changes in tax policies, trade restrictions that has slowed down the process of growth an affected its profitability Smith, The company has gained large economies of scale and thus gained a large market presence Hulten, Effective strategic marketing of Tesco further helped the company in achieving the competitive advantage and to become one of the largest retailers in the world Humby and et.

Marketing strategies of Tesco aids in achieving the objective of giving maximum satisfaction to customers by meeting their demands and expectations effectively. It can also be regarded as a blend of internet and direct marketing principles that has been applied by the firm to cover up a large consumer base.

At times these changes are slight in their impact while sometimes they have huge consequences for the organization such as a change in taste of consumers, needs etc, new technology etc.

Culture implies that how company and its employees behave; it includes system, operations, structures etc. By forming the partnership and joint alliances with local organization, Tesco enter the new and emerging markets.

Forth force of competitive rivalry shows that organization faces tough competition from Sainsbury, Morrison, ASDA and some other food retailers who compete with products, price as well as marketing and promotional strategies with the aim of gaining more customers from all over the world.

Company should select always the mid center of the location where the chances of the availability of potential customers, and that place can generate popularity between among the potential buyers, therefore the retailers chain should establish where the chances of integration of the huge market Nijhof, Forterre and Jeurissen, Its main aim is to constantly improve its service and to provide better value to its customers Arora and Stoner, Feasibility, sustainability and Acceptability in local markets which in turn helped the company to extend its network around the world Lowe and Doole, Feasibility, sustainability and Acceptability in local markets which in turn helped the company to extend its network around the world Lowe and Doole, In addition to it, coordination of suppliers, employees and other business partners is also significant for its victory.

The company is able to compete in the global market with these marketing strategies and thus had got a top position in the retailing business. In case of strategic planning, evaluation of overall industry is essential.

Role of strategic marketing is not limited to this, but it provides some other benefits such as, it guides management in decision, understanding the current market trends and customer as well as competitor behavior Kanagal, n.

Here the parent company is called licensor and another company is called licensee. Doing business in an ethical way is important condition for every organization. Tesco has a successful history since years of its start. Today, Tesco Plc is a successful retailer in the United Kingdom.

Tesco has put some series of practical marketing strategies.


TESCO is the largest Textile and clothing retailer. Its headquarter is in Uk. it is doing a great job in the textile, garments, clothing business.

Tesco has also invested huge heavily on product development in following Ansoff marketing strategies. which are at the top of the priority list which is followed by the medium and then by short-term plan. The marketing plan for Tesco plc has been discussed in this paper. The company is the largest retail chain in U.K.

This paper includes various strategies that are to be followed which are significant in handling the challenges posed in the market both external as well as internal means. Nowadays they have market shares in UK stock Exchange with the name of makomamoa.com Cohen, Tesco follows on the philosophy of "Pile it high and sell it cheap" Analysis and Critical evaluation After a close internal, external and SWOT analysis of Tesco in the first assignment.

A new strategy for Tesco Tesco’s principle strategy is to create value and focus on satisfaction of their customers. Tesco can adopt a new strategy that is new product development. This strategy can enable Tesco to meet various needs of their customer through offering a new product.

Tesco marketing assignment
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Marketing Strategy of TESCO