Magical realism in paulo coelho

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I read your book "Eleven Minutes" and was admittedly skeptical about your ability to write as a woman's voice.

In Coelho's The Alchemist, what kind of magical realism do the Urim and Thummim stones represent?

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Elements of Magical Realism

Not too much though--both girls are pretty assertive. One of the most influential writers of our time, PAULO COELHO is the author of many international best sellers, including The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, Adultery, Eleven Minutes, and The Spy.

The Alchemist

Translated into 80 languages, his books have sold more than million copies in more than $ Analytical reasoning or logical reasoning is now a prominent feature of almost every competitive exam.

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Magic Realism is defined by contradiction. On the one hand, it draws on the Realist tradition in literature, which was all about depicting the world as we see it, with all its everyday details and all its many problems.

But on the other hand, Magic Realism fills this Realist world with the fantastic, the extraordinary, and the supernatural. The National Museum of Ancient Art is one of Lisbon's great cultural attractions, and a "must see" on any tourist itinerary.

This is Portugal's national gallery and houses the largest collection of Portuguese 15th- and 16th-century paintings in the country. An equally impressive display of European, Oriental, and African art adds to the allure.

Magical realism in paulo coelho
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