Forensic handwriting analysis services

We can guide you to the truth about the handwriting and hopefully to victory. Calculating asset performance and variance analysis as per required format Red Flag Reporting: Everything from indentations, inks used, how or dates or numerals are written, to pen pressure.

Even if your problem doesn't involve an attorney, knowing the truth about handwriting or a signature can really set your mind at ease.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis – Expert Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

Maryland Areas of Expertise: Call my office now to consult with the nation's Top Handwriting Expert about your forgery case. The skilled paper specialist can report accurately on the fiber content and its origin.

I can usually provide you with a verbal opinion within 48 hours.

Handwriting Expert Witnesses

This enables managing the workflow better as well as leveraging the work done and money spent on the due-diligence for similar transactions in the future. A seasoned Document Examiner will be able to provide the right testimony to convince the judge to rule in your favor.

We have found that her professionalism and diligence in seeking the truth over questioned documents goes beyond others that I have dealt with before. Forensic Documents Examination Services Meredith can assist attorneys and law firms with complete investigations, providing written and oral reports.

Disciple Internship

The field of paper identity is vast and often requires laboratory investigation of a paper sample which involves visual, physical, microscopic, ultraviolet and micro-chemical tests.

You have saved my marriage and my Army career. A principled expert initially will ask you what type of case you have and if you are contacting the right person for assistance.

I can guide you through the confusing and challenging process of proving a document contract, check, will, signature card, etc is a forgery or not.

Following the process that led to the forgery and the techniques used can sometimes identify aspects of a case that could lead to uncovering the identity of the perpetrator.

This person should have an extensive background in ink evaluation and specialized autograph study experience — along with understanding such things as the markers that will identify the pen which was used to write the autograph. Peterson to use her expertise in examining handwriting samples.

That degree of qualitative probability may be so high, or occasionally so low, that the document examiner is able to arrive at a definite conclusion. The more specimens the better in terms of providing comparison material for an examination. Services Provided to Business Meredith can assist various international government agencies in the creation of governmental forensic document examination facilities.

Previous cases have included: The purported guarantor denied having signed the bank guarantee and claimed that the signature thereon was a forgery. Make sure that your expert has court experience of note before engaging that individual with your questioned handwriting or signatures.

In a typical case, detailed microscopic and general comparative examinations are made of a set of specimen writing known to have been written by a particular person and questioned handwriting, the writer of which is unknown or is in doubt. All this leads to insights and easy decision making through powerful reporting tools, including visual dashboards and reports that can be easily exported as excel, word or pdf document.

Every Handwriting Analysis case does not go to court. Analysis, examaination and comparison of documents or handwriting to establish the genuineness of handwriting or documents in question. Provides oral and written reports and expert testimony in civil and criminal proceedings.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis in Civil and Criminal Matters. The key to success for forensic handwriting analysts in a courtroom is the depth of knowledge the handwriting expert actually has, and that expert's trustworthiness before judges and jurors.

Handwriting General Discussion.

Handwriting & Signature Examination

Handwriting is the scientific evaluation and comparison of the writing features / characteristics present in handwriting and signatures, and is carried out using low power microscopes and varying lighting conditions. Handwriting experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Colorado legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Colorado.

Specializing in forensic handwriting analysis & signature examination, Drexler Document Laboratory is here to help you. Serving AL, GA, and Southern US Forensic Document & Handwriting Analysis Services A list of services provided by Drexler Document Laboratory, LLC.

Services Provided in a Document Examination Case. Depending on nature of case, comparison of a Limited Amount of Questioned Signatures* or Documents to Unlimited Amount of Known Exemplars.

Forensic handwriting analysis services
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Forensic Handwriting Analysis and Forged Document Analysis Services